Now anyone with an Android device can share their world with Street View

Street View on Google Maps has been a great feature for years, with many looking out for the iconic Street View cars in their area. Now anyone with an Android Phone can contribute to Street View.

With the revamped Street View app on Android, it’s easier than ever to capture your own Street View imagery and put it in the right position on Google Maps. Using our latest connected picture tool in the app, you can capture a series of connected photos as you travel down the street or the road.

These images are captured using ARCore, the same augmented reality technology that Google use to create experiences like Live View. After you capture your images and publish them via the Street View app, Google automatically rotate, place and create a series of linked pictures. Google w ill then place those related photos in the right place on Google Maps, so that your latest Street View can be found in the exact location where it was taken for everyone to see and explore.

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