Quick Tips - Organise web pages into groups in Chrome

Welcome to episode 13 of Quick Tips, this is a new section where we share quick tips with our readers. Todays quick tips section is how to organise your web pages on Google Chrome into groups.

If you run Chrome version 88 or later, the open websites can now be grouped into classes, making their management simpler.

To do so, press the tabs icon beside the address box (a square with the number of open pages inside it), then drag one page (i.e. tab) over the top of another, and the two will be paired together. Repeat this process as needed to build as many groups as you need, each with several pages. Then, by pressing the boxes to enable their contents, you can move between them.

Sometimes you may need to do a full restart of your device for these changes to take effect. You have to manually trigger this function if you are running an older version of Chrome.

In the directory bar select chrome:/flags, then check for the page that opens for Tab Grid Style and Tab Classes. Set the menus below Available, then restart your phone. You should now be able to group your tabs.