Quick Tips – How to backup your iPhone contacts to Google in minutes with no computer

Welcome to episode 12 of Quick Tips, this is a new section where we share quick tips with our readers. Todays quick tips section is how To back up your iPhone contacts to Google in minutes without the need of a computer.

There are many reasons you may want to backup your contacts to Google such as moving from iOS to Android, or using some of Google’s services on your iPhone such as Google Duo etc.

Whatever your reason, backing up your contacts doesn’t have to be a chore, searching the AppStore there only seems to be one app which claims to backup all your contacts which costs £4.99. Thankfully Google offers this feature as a hidden benefit of their Drive app.

Download the google drive app free from the AppStore and login to your Google account, next press the hamburger menu and then tap settings.

Then tap backup

Now choose Contacts and then press start backup, depending on the number of your contacts you will have a complete backup within a few minutes.

We hope you find this article useful, make sure you check out our Quick Tips on copying Calendar to Google.

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