Reasons why you should use Telegram instead of Teams, Messenger or Duo

The Telegram is a popular messaging app that s been around for some time, the app is highly rated because once your setup you can add others without having to disclose your telephone number.

The app itself is very popular for messaging as it is end to end encrypted which means your communication is not only secure from hackers but also from targeted advertisements. Currently if you use Facebook messenger your communications are open for Facebook to access at anytime the same with Google Duo. Telegram last week added another feature which it announced back in April that will also take on the other popular messaging apps, Video calls.

The feature is an alpha version, so there’s more work to do on it before it’s fully robust, but it already includes support for switching from audio to video and vice versa at any time, as well as picture-in-picture mode, which means users can read and respond to other messages while they’re chatting to the person on the other end of the call. Telegram is free to download from the PlayStore here, AppStore here and Huawei AppGallery here.