Running macOS Catalina on an unsupported device review

When Apple announces macOS Catalina they were clear which Macs would and would not be supported, however, this doesn’t mean that older devices wouldn’t be able to run them.

After some research we can across a site that offers the ability to install macOS Catalina on older devices and also a very handy YouTube video with a step by step guide.

I have an old 2009 Mac mini which I use as a plex media server which was not capable of running macOS Sierra yet according to the site it would be able to run Catalina unofficially.

I decided to give the install a try and the installation took a couple of hours whilst I freed up some external storage space. The guide was spot on and easy to follow and I have been successfully running Catalina for around 4 days now.

The performance is a little slow which I expect with such an old machine but that’s about the only limitations that I have encountered.

If you are looking to breath life into your old machine take a look at Dosdude’s website.