The final update for Adobe Flash Player has been released

Adobe released the last Flash Player update on December 8, 2020 after it announced that it would stop promoting Flash almost three years earlier. Support will formally cease on 31 December 2020 and Flash support will be withdrawn in a range of apps, including web browsers that ship with Flash components or support Flash integration shortly afterwards. Adobe Flash has been replaced by other technologies such as HTML5, WebGL or WebAssembly, which have matured over the years.

Adobe will not release Flash updates after Flash Player comes to an end, and the company plans to ban Flash content from running in Flash Player on January 12, 2021. Flash Player downloads will no longer be supported by Adobe after the completion of the support.

Administrators will need to uninstall Flash Player if the product is installed on the system; this is not required if Flash is used as part of a Chrome-based browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The browsers will be updated and Flash will be removed as part of a regular update in this case.

Mozilla plans to drop support for Adobe Flash so that the installed version of Flash is no longer picked up by the browser and incorporated

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