Why Google’s strength is also it’s weakness – opinion piece

By now we have all seen googles launch night in, where they unveiled a whole slew of products including the latest pixel line. The Google pixel 4a 5G and pixel 5 both have the same camera which is great for those looking for a lower budget phone, they also rely on Google’s software for better imaging which in previous models did a fantastic job. The camera is still noteworthy in the Pixel 5 thanks to the image stabilisation and image processing as shown in a video by TotallydubbedHD.

Unfortunately the strength of the AI is also Google’s flaw as well because they have focused so much on image processing that they have failed to include faster processing power to take on Apples iPhone SE 2020. As a result the iPhone SE outshines the pixel flagship device as shown in a video by ZoneofTech.

Google has previously outshined Apple in the camera department showing that the need for multiple lenses was not necessary as long as you have excellent software processing, however, Apple as always has focus not only on fast processing power but also he streamlined software to make the most of the processing power. As everyone focuses on Apple’s upcoming iPhone event it will be interesting to see what hardware Apple can offer in a lower price bracket if they want to gain more market share of android users.

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