Why it’s important that Apple includes 5G in all their iPhones

We have all seen the rumours that Apple may not include 5G in all models of iPhones this year, many have said they are happy with this decision as 5G isn’t widespread yet. However, Apple needs to be including it in as many devices as possible for a few reasons.

First up Apple has the advantage of making industries adopt technology faster once they include it in their devices and this should help push the technology faster.

Secondly many users do not upgrade every year, and so having an iPhone that has a 5G modem in it now will help future proof it for a few years. Technology will undoubtedly advance over the coming years, however, selling a device without 5G more than is basically making it obsolete. 

Manufacturers such as Samsung and Google all include 5G which will undoubtedly give them a leg up over Apple if they don’t include one in all iPhones this year.

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